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Helping Beauty Pros learn to organize their finances, the simple way, so they can confidently master their money, grow their business and increase profits.

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Setting up the back-end of your business and managing your money can be daunting. After all, no one ever taught you this in  Beauty School or Professional Trainings.

It’s okay though! Babe, I got you.

I’m here to help you...

Get your business finances organized, set up, and ready to roll.

Walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to keeping the financial side of your biz in order. Trust me, even though NO ONE ELSE is teaching you this, it’s not as hard as it seems!

Build your confidence in your ability to run all parts of your business like the incredible boss and Beauty Pro you are.

Give you the knowledge you need to make sure that even if someone else is managing your books, you know what’s legit and what’s not.

Together, we’re going to get your books in order and your cash confidence overflowing, so you don’t have to stress about the back-end of your business anymore!


Hi, I’m Cecilia!

I’m a full-time solo Lash Artist, business owner, mentor, educator, wife, mom, and iced vanilla latte lover from sunny Southern California. I also own and run Elan Artistry—a successful, beauty studio that offers Keratin Lash Lifts and brow services in Orange County.

Before becoming an esthetician I had a 15+ year career in accounting and small business bookkeeping.

In the beginning of running my business, I had no idea how to to actually run it. No clue about pricing my services for profit, how to set money aside for retail inventory, owner pay or even re-investing in my business.

What I did know, was how to organize what money I had, so I can maximize my tax deductions and pay as little in taxes as possible.

Now, I’m on a mission to help you (the fabulous Lash Pro!) discover that although no one else seems to be talking about it, organizing and managing your finances doesn’t have to be hard. That you don't have to sacrifice paying yourself to keep your business afloat. You just need systems in place, and the right training on how the heck to keep them running.

Let’s work together to get your lash biz legit, maximize your tax deductions and help you take control of your money, honey!

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In-Person Lash Pro Classes

Ready to price yourself above your competition and offer your clients the deep quality they are looking for in a Lash Pro? If you’re in the SoCal area, attend my carefully crafted Lash Lift course to set you up with the techniques and confidence you need to be an amazing lash artist.
Virtual refreshers also available!


Wealth Blueprint Courses

Being a Beauty Pro comes with a lot of hats to wear—including being your own bookkeeper (something no one ever talked about in beauty school). Thankfully, with my courses teaching you financial organization using spreadsheets & QuickBooks Online, you can take charge of your finances like a pro. Let’s get your cash confidence for your biz flowing!


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